Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone, and you will find that the sunshine lives within you.


Chase the Sun 2021 - 10km your Way!

 We are so lucky to have secured sponsorship for our challenge this year from EIS midlands Ltd, meaning we will raise even more money to support those bereaved by suicide in Gloucestershire.


If you’ve not entered before or need a refresher of what chase the sun is read on.


How you complete your 10km, is up to you! You may decide to walk, run or cycle - THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Your challenge MUST be completed within the longest week of the year. Starting on Sunday 20th June and ending on Sunday 27th June 2020.


You may prefer to exercise in the early morning or in the evening - the great thing is the time you complete your challenge is up to you; so anyone can take part in this event!

It is up to you whether you complete your 10km in one go or break it down throughout the week into smaller manageable chunks.



Entry fee:

£15 per adult

Under 16s; £10 each

To include free ’Chase the Sun‘ T-shirt (p&p additional £2 per shirt)



T-shirts must be worn whilst completing your challenge.

Please email - confirming size of your t-shirt and if necessary delivery address.


As a small charity event, we buy t-shirts to order, we do not have bulk orders or spares, so are unable to offer refunds or replacements if sizing is incorrect.

NB: We offer:

  • Ladies t-shirts in sizes S,M,L,XL.
  • Mens tshirts in sizes S,M,L,XL, XXL, XXXL.
  • Adult t-shirts are running shirts and come up small.
  • Children's t-shirts are cotton and sized by age.

T-shirt orders will be placed as two bulk orders so you will not receive it immediately.

Postage and packing will cost an extra £2 per t-shirt.

NB t-shirts local to Stroud or Stonehouse (and some Gloucester City Centre addresses) can be delivered or collected.


Leader board

Competitive runners who wish to be placed on the leader board must run 10km in one go.

Evidence of your running route and time must be sent to us via email chase the or Facebook @sunflowerschasethesun

There will be a medal for the fastest 10km


Personal Sponsorship

You can raise your own further fundraising for Sunflowers by being sponsored to complete your challenge.

Please either download Sponsor forms from our website: http://sunflowerssuicidesuppor...

or alternatively set up your own online fundraising page through Just Giving

There will be a medal for the highest fundraiser



Please Post selfies to our social media accounts or email them to Please note photos will be shared across our social media platforms, please ensure we have parental or guardian permission for photographs of any person under the age of 18 years old.

Selfies must be submitted by Monday 28th June to have your photo included in our prize draw.



There will be a medal for:

  • The fastest 10km
  • The best selfie
  • The most sponsorship

Adults and Children will be rewarded separately



Who is the event for?

This event is fundraising for Sunflowers Suicide Support. A charity based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. For more information about the charity, visit their website; www.sunflowerssuicidesupport.o...


What is a virtual event?

A virtual 10km works exactly the same as any other type of 10km race event, but the difference is that the race or challenge is your own and it can be completed at any location, at any pace, inside on a treadmill or outside in another country! All you have to do is enter and provide evidence that you have done it. That's it!


Why have we picked this week?

It starts with the longest day of the year Monday 21st June 2021 so we are giving you the most amount of daylight to chase the sun that is possible!

Exercise is known to lift low mood and getting outside in nature can be really therapeutic. We believe that exercising with others is really beneficial and highly recommend trying to get a group of you together to complete your challenge, or a variety of challenges.

Follow the link below to sign up

For more info email:

All entries required by 01.06.2021