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Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone and you will see the sunshine lives within you



Supporting you from afar during difficult times

We know that the current times are extremely stressful and many of us are suffering with heightened anxiety and fear. On top of this, you are grieving and trying to live a new life of loss which will no doubt make the current challenging times feel even more intense. It is understandable that you may feel overwhelmed and be feeling less able to cope.


We want to reach out remind you that we are still here, even if it is in a less physical sense, and are determined to work through this dreadful situation in whatever ways we can and to be available to offer support where it is needed.


Sadly due to COVID-19 and Government advice, we have had to make the difficult decision to cease all face to face contact with immediate effect and until further notice.


Below we will provide further information about the other online support we have set up for you.


We have set up a means of speaking to you through Zoom which we think is the best way we can communicate without being in the same room. All you need to do is download the Zoom App. to enable us to meet with you through video link.


Alternative measures including Facetime, telephone and email contact are available as well as online contact and if you would like to receive support through these means, please email us: or text message our mobile contact number: 07542 527888.


We will also be increasing our online presence on all of our social media platforms. Please visit GlosSunflowers on Facebook/Instagram and Twitter. To follow us and see regular updates.


We are aware that survivors of suicide often feel very isolated under normal circumstances and that is likely to escalate at this time. We would like to remind you of our private support group area on Facebook called Gloucestershire Touched by Suicide. This is a space where we can share and offer support to one another, share your thoughts and ask questions. Others who have been affected by suicide are also members of the group so we will be using it as an online facility to support one another. Sunflowers volunteers will moderate the group and will be able to respond directly. Please use this private group as a way of support and encouragement.

The link to the Facebook group is


We highly recommend the Hub of Hope app, which offers a comprehensive list of support networks.


We also have online support groups - see information below!


If you have any other ideas of ways in which we can offer support, please let us know, we are always listening.



PDF Bereavement Pack

We are unable to offer hard copies of our SOS Packs to anyone at present. We have however created a PDF version of the packs. Within our packs there are usually leaflets from other organisations, we are not able to inclide these within the PDF pack, but have added their contact information to signpost people to other support services available.  



Professional Led Suicide Bereavement Support Group

Our support group is now available online through Zoom for people living in Gloucestershire who are bereaved by suicide. To attend you will need to download Zoom and set up and account for yourself.


We will be running two groups per month at 7pm;


  •  Lorraine Maylor-Warlow will facilitate one on the first Wednesday of each Month startinng 1st April 2020 alongside Graham and Di Foxley.


  • Jane Franklin will facilitate the second group on the second Tuesday of each Month starting 14th April 2020 alongside Andy and Wendy Morris.


Lorraine and Jane who are both qualified counsellors who are Accredited Members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. There are also four Sunflowers volunteers who help run the group; Andy, Wendy, Graham and Di.  They will do their upmost to support you. 


Please get in touch if you would like to attend either of our groups for the Meeting ID and Password.


Please note your safety is of upmost important to us. We will require full contact details for all attendees and if any need or concern should arise during the group, our facilitators will make contact after the session to discuss this further.

Children & Family Support

We are still providing support to families with Children via Zoom, Facetime, telephone and email contact to families who have previously met with Liz, our Family Support Worker. If you would like to receive support through these means for a child or young person, please email us: .

Online Creative Mindfulness

We are now offering online creative mindfulness through Zoom. Yvonne who is an artist leads the sessions. You will need some paper, pens, glue, paint and an old hard back book to join in with the art task set each week. These sessions are a relaxed and enjoyable way to connect with others during lock-down and isolation. 


These take place every week on a Tuesday evening a 7.30pm for an hour


If you would like to join the sessions, please get in touch for the Zoom Meeting ID and Password. Alternatively you can we will also be posting tutorials for you to follow along with here:

Online Creative Writing

We have found writing a really useful way to express ourselves and get our thoughts out from within our heads and onto paper. Often people are surprised with the wonderful words and written work they create. 


We are currently running creative writing sessions via Facebook, if you do not have Facebook fear not, we are uploading the tasks to our website the following week.


We set a new task every Friday to be completed each week. You can keep your work private or share it with others who are also joining in with the sessions via our Facebook Group where you will find a group of really encouraging, engaging and friendly people joining in with you

1-2-1 Counselling

During this period of lock-down, it can make the trauma of suicide loss harder to manage. We have a limited number of funded 1-2-1 video link counselling sessions available with Andrea Berry. If you would like to be referred on to Andrea for support, please get in touch. We can only refer on if you have completed our Contact Form and a Needs Assessment. For more information about Andrea, please visit her website: