Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone, and you will find that the sunshine lives within you.



Helping Others by Carol


What a strange 18 months we have all encountered and got through in our own ways.

At the start of the first lock down I was furloughed, that was a big part of my support network gone for a while. This was hard as my job keeps me going and I enjoy it .


I needed something to keep myself and my mind busy. As a lot of people were making scrubs and masks .I was lost as one have no machine and not a sewer.

So I set up Hampers for the NHS .People donated toilertries in a basket in our local coop and I made these in hampers .In total I made 83 and these went to Funeral directors,police stations hospitals and care homes to name a few .


Once this project was completeI started getting itchy feet and restless nights.So my next venture was making keyrings with resin.from Ducks to brick blocks.I then got the resin bug and have been busy creating all sorts of things.These are sold for Sunflowers


The last couple of years have been really hard as it is then with covid aswell. It has thrown alot of obstacles in people's way and alot of people off frome has other leaving alot of people feeling isolated.


By keeping myself busy has helped as some days can feel pretty bleak.I have had depression for many years and know what is like to hit rock bottom.So I know if things don't feel right I need to call a lifeline .I am lucky to have a great and supportive GP.


By doing things for others makes me feel good as I struggle to do things for me .


But having Sunflowers as part of my family helps so much .


Each one of us are like the petals round the head of a sunflower.And the centre of the flowers hold all the petals together.we all hold each other together

Now I need a new project.