Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone, and you will find that the sunshine lives within you.



lifting weights by Sarah


‘As part of Mental Health Week I wanted to share how exercise and weight training helps me mentally.


I have suffered with mental health over the years. I had Anorexia in my teens and I also suffered badly with anxiety and depression. I hadn’t long recovered from Anorexia when I lost my Mum to suicide. This had another massive impact on my mental health, but this time I also had to contend with PTSD.


I have been a fan of exercise for a long time now. From running in the early years to discovering the gym and attending classes like HIIT and spin. This lead to trying out weight training for the first time…….I have honestly been hooked ever since! I was attending the gym regularly and training with my PT weekly when Covid hit. I panicked as I wasn’t sure how I would cope without the gym and PT. I knew straight away I had to be pro-active to keep myself well, so I got some weights and found videos on YouTube. Although I’m not back at the gym, I’m am back training with my PT and I’m still doing workouts on YouTube!


The impact exercise and weight training has had on me mentally is amazing. In that moment I feel focused, confident and strong. From going on a simple walk, getting through a tough exercise without stopping, lifting weights that are heavier than me or getting that PB, there is no feeling like it. I feel all my stresses and worries just disappear.


Although I no longer suffer with anorexia and my general mental health is a lot better, the thoughts and mindset will always be there. Tablets and counselling have only got me so far so I use exercise as my ongoing therapy.


What I enjoy doing won’t be what others enjoy doing. But all I can say is just MOVE! Just movement of any form is so beneficial to how we feel.’