Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone, and you will find that the sunshine lives within you.



September 2016 –


Pete died leaving strict instructions for his funeral including the song “Candle on the Water” from his favourite childhood film Pete’s Dragon. We had sunflowers to brighten his coffin and wore yellow suicide prevention awareness pins.

Donations at his funeral totalled £701 which was sent to Young Minds, a fantastic charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.


A GoFundMe appeal was set up by Pete’s childhood friend Sasha Davies raising £1245 to purchase a ‘memorial bench’. Two benches have been installed, one on either side of Randwick Woods in Stroud with uplifting quotes for the public to enjoy. £600 of the donations remaining in the Appeal fund was given to Touchstones, a parent and family support service in Worcestershire that have provided much needed counselling and care for many families and children, including Pete’s nephews.



December 2016 -


Pete’s family began selling handmade candles with his artwork on. The demand for this Christmas appeal was extraordinary and orders flooded in. An amount of £855 was raised and given to a family friend who needed to fund live saving cancer treatment unavailable in the UK. Candles and prints of Pete’s artwork continue to be available to purchase.


A family friend held a Christmas service and an elf walk was also hosted in memory of Pete, raising money for Samara’s Aid Appeal, (a charity that Pete had previously supported) and Young Minds.


A family friend hosted a Toddlers soup and afternoon tea afternoon raising money for Young Minds.


Prints of Pete's Artwork were sold and funds raised were given to Lickey Hills Primary School care team.



February 2017 –


The family found out about a charity called Pete’s Dragon supporting those bereaved by suicide in Devon and Cornwall. It felt like a sign.



April 2017 –


Family friend Emma Lyons ran the London Marathon in memory of Pete raising £1610 for Young Minds.



May 2017 –


Abbie started to sell suicide awareness bracelets and pins.



June 2017 –


Pete’s family met with a charity called Suicide Crisis based in Gloucestershire to learn about the services they offer.



July 2017 –


Andy and Rebecca (Pete’s dad and Sister) took on the Trailwalker Challenge walking 60 miles in under 30 hours to raise money for Oxfam.



September 2017 -


Abbie put forward Sunflowers Suicide Support application to register as a charity



October 2017 -


Pete's artwork was turned into Christmas cards for our Christmas appeal


November 2107 - 


Abbie and Emily train as ASIST T4T Trainers to deliver workshops

Andy and Rebecca train as Grief Recovery Method facilitators allowing us to use their accreditation


We launch at the St Lawrences Christmas Tree Festival with our handcrafted memorial tree



​February 2018 -


We deliver our first ASIST workshop


Sunflowers gained registered charity status.​