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Stay in the sun when the sunshine is gone and you will see the sunshine lives within you



Are you seeing reduced concentration, temper, acting out, withdrawal, anxiety, reduced attainment?


These are all commonly grief symptoms.

Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on the capacity for happiness.

Grief recovery offers specific actions needed to move beyond loss of any kind.


Grief is caused by the end or change in a familiar pattern, even when the end is our choice. There are over 40 losses in like that evoke feelings of grief.

Unresolved grief can leave you feeling physically and emotionally unwell. Exhibiting signs of headaches, panic attacks, IBS, infections, depression and in the worst cases suicide.

Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on the capacity for happiness.

The Grief Recovery Method (GRM) isn’t counselling, therapy or alternative treatment. Instead it’s an action plan for taking small steps to recovery, whatever your loss. 

It is possible to regain energy and wellbeing following loss.


Please contact Bekki @ sunflowers 🌻




We offer this course to individuals over the age of 18


As a charity we believe that everyone should have access to support irrespective of financial situation and we therefore aim to offer places on this course to those bereaved by suicide for free. This still incurs a cost to us, so we are always looking into fundraising and funding options to support this.


Currently, we are able to offer the course FREE OF CHARGE to any individual who is currently living in Gloucestershire who has been bereaved by suicide.


If you live outside our area, you are welcome to travel to attend the course; i'm afraid there will unfortunately be a fee charged to attend.


The course is delivered over 8 weeks within a group setting. You would be expected to attend once per week for two hours and will work closely together building positive relationships. We really believe that ‘peer’ support is hugely beneficial to feel supported through your grief.  There is also weekly tasks to complete at home in your own time




To book on to the course you will need to get in touch and complete a booking form.


Would you like to know more? Why not come along to our next Open Evening to see if you feel you would like to attend?


2020 Courses


14th January 2020 for 8 weeks




 We also deliver the course for professionals/parents on helping children deal with loss.


It is a delivered as a 6-week course. Adults attending are encouraged to look a little at loss and how it has affected them to enable them to relate to children effectively.


It teaches helpful things to say, and what not to say. It encourages parents/professionals to keep energies flowing, so that children in group settings/alone can emotionally deal with losses. It teaches children to connect to their behaviour in an emotional way, encouraging emotional resilience. We cannot force talking, but by going first, and being a ‘heart with ears’ you are showing children that it is ok to talk about our feelings. We teach children, you cannot always control what happens to you, but you can manage your response. We aim to adapt the skills that parents, and professionals already have.

Children and teenagers in school’s encounter so many losses; leaving parents, friendships, moving to a new house, moving schools, moving countries, foresting, adoption, divorce, extended families, ill health, difficulty with studying, exam pressure, and so much more. We want to support adults in helping children deal with loss. We believe that teaching emotional resilience will ensure children/teens flourish in their settings.




At Sunflowers we offer this programme to professionals and to parents.


There is currently a charge per delegate, however group bookings can be made at a reduced fee. For more information or a personalised quote, please contact us.


We would be happy to send information on the evaluations from the most recent course.